About iPT

Want to tone up, lose weight and feel more energised?

Train with me for a fun, varied, engaging and goal-orientated workout.

My name is Lee and I’m a personal trainer based at the Everyone Active gym in East Dulwich. I can offer you two ways to achieve your aims:

  1. Tailored personal training sessions that meet your individual goals.
  2. Packages that take on a more holistic approach to personal training, and include Kickstart, Back Recovery and Vie5 Lifestyle programmes. I work with recognised local practices to deliver these particular packages.

For a lot of people, personal training conjures up an image of someone chatting while they slog away on one machine after another. I’m the total opposite. With me you get encouragement, variety, knowledge and – most of all – results.

Forget the TV boot camps you may have seen on TV! My style of fitness training is not aimed at scaring you into doing exercises that you’re not comfortable with or are beyond your current abilities but rest assured, you will be looked after with an individually tailored exercise program!

As a personal trainer my aims are to tailor the sessions to your needs so you achieve the results that you want.

Inclusive Personal Training offers:

  • Personal Training at the gym, outside or in the privacy of your own home
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Pre Wedding Body Sculpting
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxing
  • Gym Programme Design
  • Strength Training and Sports Conditioning
  • Body Sculpting and Toning
  • Running
  • Fitness for the 50+
  • Weight Training
  • Core Stability
  • Injuries and Reconditioning

I fully appreciate the stresses of life and how difficult it is to fit exercise into your daily routine. With this in mind, I offer a friendly, flexible and achievable approach to training.  My energy and confidence gives my clients the push to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

I understand that every client’s needs are different and I ensure that I always deliver varied and fun sessions that leave clients wanting more but I do require a level of commitment and dedication from you!

I love seeing my clients succeed with their fitness and health goals, I have many clients who I have been seeing for quite some time and we are always trying new ideas and pushing personal boundries.

Here at Inclusive Personal Training I look forward to meeting new clients and helping them achieve and in most cases exceed their personal goals.

My philosophy is that all people of all ages and abilities have the right to participate in all aspects of all fitness programs.

Please get in touch if you’d like to train with me!